We are not like everybody else but you might wanna check out our sale department! Lot’s of new stuff!!!!! #hepcatstore #sale

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Sun shines and need of sunglasses! American Optical is a good choice. Used by US military aviators and even the Apollo 11 crew, the first astronauts to walk the moon in 1969. Spotted in classic movies as Top Gun, Apocalypse Now and Taxi Driver! It’s a go we say…

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Even the cows loves @dan3ix photo bag from @filson1897 #hepcatstore #filson

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Come by for some coffee! Doors open between 10-18 mon-fri 10-14 sat. #hepcatstore #everybodyiswelcome

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In need of new pants? Stevenson Overalls Visalia Selvage canvas is a good choice!
Check them out!

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Game on. It’s Mods vs Rockers this Saturday the 8th of July.. They will start in Malmö just before lunch and come together at HepCat Store in Lund for lunch and hangout as usual! Will be fun and good times. Food and coffee keeps the peace… http://www.hepcat.se

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Checkin some new stuff from @tellason together with @bluetodd !
Now it’s time to hit the road back home ! #hepcatstore #tellason #bluetodd

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We will have it all!!!!!! #eatdustclothing #hepcatstore

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It’s here!! The new Men’s File/Clutch Magazine… Always a nice reading. This issue got a great article about Eat Dust Clothing that you don’t want to miss.. it’s online and in store, so just to make a move.

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It’s summer and we say Captain Fin… perfect brand to match your beach trips or surf adventures… just go for it!

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