We having a lazy Sunday but will be back at the store tomorrow to get all shippings out! Drop by for a coffee or drop in online.

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New day, new adventures! Today we also appear at Farmshack BBQ during the afternoon/evening with some good friends! Good times, live music and good food! … oh and beer.

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New Deus Ex Machina stuff have landed! And started to get online.. enjoy!

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Filson Western Vest in wool it’s not only a good looking piece. Also will help keeping the heat in cold days! Try it out, you will like it. Come by for coffee or jump in online.

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Moc Toes.. Always a true friend. And we got a lot of them. Drop by for coffee to find out witch style will be your next best friend or go online.

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Good times x Low Life in California! But no worries, Store is open and web orders leaving as usual!

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Think it’s cold? It’s just about the right clothing. The lined wool packer from Filson is a lifetime friend… It will do the work! Drop by online or drop in to the store for a coffee.

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Jelly hearts 💕 to all the customers in the shop in Lund! #hepcatstore #supportsmallbusinesses #weloveourcustomers #lund

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Afraid of water and getting cold? @filson1897 will keep you warm and dry! #hepcatstore #filsonlife #flyfishing

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Classy classic! It’s the hat, Open Road by Stetson! Pick up your new friend online or better drop by and have a coffee!

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